Snow day fun: Kids fly down Lisle sledding hill

LISLE, Ill. (WLS) -- With the big snow fall overnight and plenty of schools closed Monday was a prime sledding day! On the perch behind Lisle Senior High School, kids flew downhill atop everything from saucers to snow boards.

"It's like I'm falling from the sky," said 6-year-old Oliver Goska with snow crusting his hat.

Goska and his family were the first ones to trek up the hill Monday morning.

"It takes a while to get bundled otherwise we would have been here earlier," said his mom Sheri Goska.

Whether diving head first, or attempting to stay on their feet several more kids joined the party as the morning went on.

"We woke up and were like 'I want a snow day so bad,'" recalled 10-year-old Ani Margosian.

She got her wish, ready to zip down the hill time and again-not worried about the chilly air, made all the more apparent by icicles intertwined with tree limbs.

"When we're having fun we don't really care about the weather temperature," Margosian added.

Not even the seemingly inevitable wipeouts dampened the fun; and when kids got tired from all the hiking, the parents stepped in to help lift the sleds back up the hill.

"It's definitely a workout," said Emily Margosian, Ani's mom.

Don't worry, the parents took turns going down the hill.

"This is the best," said mother Christy Hughes without blinking.
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