2 Wisc. kids shot after throwing snowballs at passing vehicle

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Driver shoots 2 kids shot after throwing snowballs at vehicle
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Police say a driver shot two kids after they threw snowballs at a car.

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- Milwaukee police say a driver allegedly shot two kids Saturday night after they threw snowballs at a car.

"All I heard was just the shots, I just heard the shots. It was so close," said Ravell Davis.

Davis said just before 8 p.m., he and his family dove to the ground when they heard gunshots ring out outside their home.

"Me and my wife, we got 6 kids, we in the kitchen [and] all of the sudden you hear all these loud booms, so I actually told everybody to get down," he described.

Police say a group of kids were throwing snowballs at cars when one snowball struck a white Toyota. They say the driver of that car then opened fire on the kids and took off, reported WISN.

The gunman hit a 12-year-old girl twice and a 13-year-old boy in the arm.

Despite very little snow still left on the ground, neighbors say they are still surprised to find out this shooting all started because of some kids throwing snowballs at cars.

"That's what happened," one neighbor said. "A snowball?"

Officers continued to investigate and search for surveillance video at the Housing Authority office.

"It's getting bad, you know, it's ridiculous when you look outside and the front and side of your house is taped off," Davis said. "It's getting real crazy now."