Social distance in style with these products

Nicole Pearl, a beauty and style expert and the founder of The Beauty Girl, chats with Val about how to Social Distance in Style! Make sure you check her out on Instagram too.

Here are Nicole's picks:

1. Mask Chains
Pretty Connected Mask Chain -- From $30
Sydne Summer Mask Necklace -- $22
Embellishmanes Personalized Face Mask -- $25 for up to 3 charms; @embellishmanes on Instagram

2. Make a Statement
Evolve Together Face Mask
7-day pack ($8.75); 30-day pack ($35.25)

3. Menswear Mask
Tylmen Debonair Face Mask Pocket Square
starting at $20

4. Fashion Meets Protection
Model Atelier Tank Top FaceMask -- $45

5. Eye-centric Makeup
Lyda Beauty Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp -- $19.99

6. Elevate while you Isolate
The 5 o'Clock Box -- $29.95