4-Star Chicagoan: John Ector

CHICAGO -- This week's 4-Star-Chicagoan built a basketball court on the South Side as a way to keep kids safe and away from violence.

While Chicagoan John Ector was serving time, he read motivational books and listened to country music. The song 'Starting with Me' by country singer Jake Owen inspired John to make a positive impact in his community and he even named his organization 'Starting With Me' after the country song.

John purchased an empty lot in Englewood and built a fenced-in walking track and basketball court as a way to keep the local kids occupied and away from violence. The fenced in court resembles the ones in jail, and sports are what John noticed bring rules, order and respect to inmates. He was inspired to make the same type of impact in his own neighborhood.

John now has plans to build an indoor court in Englewood to keep kids safe during the winter.

For more information on 'Starting With Me,'visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

To donate to their GoFundMe Page, click here.

Thanks to Wilson for donating basketballs to the 'Starting With Me' indoor court!
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