4-Star-Chicagoan: Weddings & Events by Kristin founder Kristin Anderson

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Weddings & Events by Kristin donates leftover wedding food to the needy. (WLS)

This week's 4-Star-Chicagoan found a way to use leftover wedding and event food as a way to feed others in need.

Weddings & Events by Kristin founder Kristin Anderson and her co-workers noticed that a lot of food is thrown away after corporate events and weddings, so Anderson decided to donate leftovers to food pantries, homeless shelters and churches. Anderson asks clients if they want to donate the food leftover from their events, and most agree. Clients now donate center pieces, flowers, party favors, and other leftover items. Anderson is currently looking for new donation recipients.

For more on Weddings and Events by Kristin, or ways you can help, visit her website: http://webykristin.blogspot.com/
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