BASE jumper captured on video landing in Chicago's Lakeshore East Park

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A BASE jumper was captured on video landing in a downtown Chicago park early Friday morning.

Chicago resident Michael McLean said he witnessed a person parachuting outside of his apartment at 2:30 a.m.

McLean said he thought he was hallucinating at first.

"I was looking outside of my window and out of nowhere, a parachuter descended right there past my balcony. He was about 100 feet away," McLean said.

He didn't see the initial jump, but McLean said it looked like the person started on Vista Tower and landed in Lakeshore East Park.

McLean said the jumper landed, packed up the parachute and walked away.

"It all started and ended in about one minute," he added.

McLean said the jumper didn't appear to be an amateur.

Chicago police confirmed that officers responded to a call of an individual parachuting into a park near the 300 block of E. Benton Place Friday at around 2:30 a.m.

"No person was found and the call was given a disposition by officers on scene," CPD spokesperson said.

No other details about the incident are known at this time.
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