Bittersweet ending to search of high school ring's owner

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. -- It was a bittersweet ending to the search for the owner of a long-lost high school ring.

Harry Boody, who lives in Clayton, New Jersey, discovered the ring with a metal detector earlier this summer on the playground of an elementary school.

The ring, from Williamstown high school class of 1990, was inscribed with the initials "A-K-T."

Boody managed to track down its owner, Ayana Thurman Fletcher, but discovered she died in 2015.

He was able to contact her son, Chase Tyron Toliver, and on Wednesday night, presented the ring to him in Williamstown.

"I don't really have much from my mom's passing so to receive something like this, something from her past, something to remember her by, it's a great honor and I thank the family for finding it," Toliver said.

This was just one of several rings that Boody has returned to their rightful owners.
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