Chicago teen makes blessing bags to help homeless

CHICAGO (WLS) -- WE Day is just days away! Kids from across the city and state will be rewarded for all the hard work in their communities with a big concert at the Allstate Arena.

One young man that is giving back to the homeless here in Chicago with "Project I Am."

"Some kids they just want to get in trouble in the street or something and I want to create something positive," said Jahkil Jackson.

Jackson has spent the past year of his young life making an impact on his community.

"I went to go feed the homeless with my aunty and I saw how they lived, how they ate, how they slept and it made me sad because they didn't have the things that other people have to start their day and end their day. So that's when I started to say I want to help others in need," Jackson said.

So he created "Project I Am," an organization that makes blessing bags to hand out to the homeless.

"Toiletries items like soap, water, tissue, wipes. Things that can help them on an everyday basis. The toiletry items I feel like those are blessings and we're putting the toiletry items in a bag so I call them blessing bags," Jackson said.

Jahkil along with family and friends packed bags and delivered them to the Francisco House on the city's West Side, but the work he's doing today is just the beginning.

"My short-term goal is to complete 5,000 blessing bags and then my long term goal is to see other kids doing this across cities and states helping others in need," Jackson said.

Big goal for a little kid with a big heart.

Jahkil will be a speaker at this year's WE Day. The big event is this Wednesday March 1. For more information, visit
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