Children's choir surprises Disneyland princess with touching A cappella song

The African Children's Choir moved this Disneyland princess to tears with their touching song and dance. (The African Children's Choir/Facebook)

Disneyland characters and performers create lifelong, cherished memories for guests on a daily basis. But one Disneyland princess received the musical treat of a lifetime when a children's choir performed a touching A Capella number and dance for her.

In August, the African's Children Choir posted a video on their Facebook page of some of their young members singing for Belle at Disneyland. One of the children starts singing for Belle before the rest join in song and dance as the smiling princess claps along, even wiping a tear from her eye while watching the lovely performance.

The video has been viewed nearly 1 million times on Facebook, with commenters praising the group for their spirited performance.

"So beautiful!!!! Nothing better than African voices coming together!" commented one Facebook user.

"This is amazing!!!!!! So powerful! Belle just couldn't hold in her emotions...and clearly neither could her guides over there. I would have been crying in front of them too!" commented another.

The African Children's Choir was first founded in 1984 and since then has given aid to African children 7-to-10 years old, many of whom lost family through war, famine and disease, according to their website. The choir has appeared in concerts around the world, with some of its alumni growing up to become nurses, doctors, TV anchors and law school graduates.

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