City revises swimsuit rule after turning away Muslim woman from public pool

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- A Denver suburb will revise its swimsuit rules after a Muslim woman was turned away from its recreation center pool.

Saba Ali says she was wearing an Islamic dress with the shirt and pants when she went to the Commerce City Recreation Center pool on Sunday.

Staff members wouldn't allow her into the pool, even after she offered to just wear the shirt and pants.

"I felt like, why do I have to be half naked to swim to enjoy my time with my kids?" Ali said. "

Commerce City says Ali was turned away not for religious reasons, but clearly stated safety and hygiene concerns.

"The city routinely turns away people who don't have appropriate swimwear, jean shorts, sport shorts, swim diapers," said Michelle Halsted, Commerce City spokesperson. "We turn all those individuals away because the number one focus for us is safety."

The city now says it will adjust its rules to include burqinis, loose fitting full-body swimsuits with a hood made for Islamic women.
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