Colo. police officer helps girl, 4, search home for monsters

LONGMONT, Colo. (WLS) -- A Colorado family's recent move into a new home in Longmont, Colo. came with new concerns for their 4-year-old daughter.

She was worried about something that many kids know about, but home inspectors don't check for: monsters.

So, she did what any responsible homeowner would do: she called in a professional, a local police officer, for a second opinion, reports KDVR.

The house 4-year-old Sidney and her family just moved into is okay during the day, but at night, Sidney said it's a little scary.

"Well cause I heard sounds when people weren't up," Sidney said.

"Sidney was concerned that there would be monsters in our new house at night," said Megan Fahrenbruch, Sidney's mother.

Luckily Sidney, an aspiring police officer, is pretty brave. She said she wasn't scared of the monsters and would, "just punch them in the face."

Still, she decided to call in a professional from the Longmont Police Department for help.

"She met Officer Bonday and asked him if he would come search for monster," Megan Fahrenbruch said.

And he did.

"He gave her his flashlight and they checked every inch of the house for monsters," Fahrenbruch said.

Inside and out. After all, a monster hunt is serious business.

"Oh yes, it was very serious," Fahrenbruch said.

"Like you are doing a real hunt, like a ghost hunt," Sidney said.

And here's the best part: "We didn't find anything," Sidney said.

No monsters, but Officer David Bonday helped her find something else.

"It's just amazing the confidence he's given her. We're truly grateful, truly grateful to live in a town where the police officers will pay a kid any attention," Fahrenbruch said.

Let alone check their house for monsters. But it sounds like Officer Bonday won't be the only one for long.

"She wants to grow up and be a cop and help other people find monsters as well," Fahrenbruch said.

Little Sidney frequently visits the local police department and thanks officers for their service.
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