Couple tired of urine bottles being thrown at Philadelphia home

PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia couple is trying to catch the person responsible for throwing bottles of urine onto their property.

It's a story where looking at the glass half full or empty doesn't make much difference. Because what Dan Ostrov has been dealing with is bottles, lots of bottles filled with urine.

Ostrov says for the last several years he and his wife have had the occasional bottle land on their roof, and for the most part, they've just thrown them out.

"Usually Deer Park, but sometime Nestle," Ostrov said as he showed where the bottles sometimes land.

Ostrov said the last straw was when one of the bottles busted open and revealed the yellowish-liquid was, in fact, urine.

"You know it was urine, you could smell it, so we had to wash and we had to bleach," he said.

A drone flew over Ostrov's home and found some bottles he didn't even know were there. He said the putrid projectiles will rain down at any given moment.

"Anytime," Ostrov pointed out. "Like, we're in critical danger right now from a bottle flying over."

The couple finally decided to get cameras installed to catch the person or group responsible. But, Ostrov said his main objective isn't to go right to the police.

"I don't think it's malicious, I don't think it's intentional. I'm very much like, work things out between your neighbors as much as possible," he said.

Philadelphia police said if the person is caught they could face a fine or jail time of vandalism.
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