CPD officers, detectives honored after shooting

Two Chicago police officers were honored Tuesday morning after they were shot last month by gang members using high-powered assault rifles.

Two now-retired detectives who responded to the Back of the Yards shooting and helped find the shooters were also recognized by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

Officers Colin Ryan and Leo Augle were working surveillance May 2 on gang members when they were ambushed by some of those members. The shooters fired 28 times at the officers. Twenty-three bullets hit their van and the other bullets hit the officers.

When help finally arrived, the two men realized they were in a bad situation. They said they are lucky to be alive today.

"We both relied on the training we received and knew you just had to get ourselves in a better position and stay in the fight, we knew help was coming and it did," Ryan said.

"We were lucky that day. There are no if ands or buts about it, we were very lucky that night," Augle said.

John Halloran and James O'Brien, who are now retired, responded to the shooting scene and helped find the two gang members responsible for shooting at Officers Ryan and Augle. They were also honored Tuesday.
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