Foam art kicks off summer at Navy Pier

CHICAGO, Ill. (WLS) -- An unpredictable foam frenzy flew around Navy Pier Wednesday - and it's here all summer!

Artist Roger Hiorns' "A retrospective view of the pathway" will blast foam each day at noon--and also at 4 p.m. on weekends--until two giant vats are filled. Then, the cloud-like tufts spill over, literally covering children! When the breeze kicks in, the foam carries across the Polk Bros Park.

Hiorns says the scene resembles a "science fiction landscape" and finds it interesting that people of all ages jump into the foam piles "without reserve."

The fluff continues to pour over for close to an hour. On Wednesday, the crowds stayed around throughout much of the debut eruption.

Navy Pier's Payal Patel said this is part of a bigger goal.

"Navy Pier is striving to become more of a cultural destination with free year-round arts and cultural programming," she said.

The illuminated seesaws along Navy Pierwere also part of that initiative.

This new foaming art installation, the third of its kind, will be on display through September's EXPO Chicago, which will celebrate modern and contemporary art.
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