Homeless veteran rescues driver after life-threatening Fla. crash

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- A homeless veteran helped rescue a driver from a life-threatening crash Thursday in Pembroke Pines, Fla.

The scene was chaotic and bloody after the two cars collided in a busy intersection. Travis Wilson heard the boom and for him, it was a call to help

"I was trained to go into combat in situations in medical," Wilson said.

Travis said he was a U.S. Navy corpsman who fell on hard times and is now homeless.

He was actually applying for housing with an organization called Operation Sacred Trust when he heard the crash.

"In a split second, he said, 'I think, you know, somebody may need help,'" Seth Eisenberg, with Operation Sacred Trust, said.

"We get around the corner and I see what's going on and speed up and then I just turn it on and go sprinting to the vehicle," Wilson said.

He saw the mangled metal and reached right into the car to help the man inside.

"It's like putting a neck collar on them to stop them from moving their neck," Wilson said.

WPLG checked and Wilson does have a criminal record for theft, traffic violations and drugs. But to people who just met him, what he did Thrsday shows what he is worth.

Wilson stayed on the scene until paramedics arrived.

"I can't leave the scene. It doesn't matter if the vehicle catches on fire. It doesn't matter. I'm there with him. If we're gonna die, we're gonna die together," Wilson said.