Ji talks with Buzz Aldrin at WE Day event in Rosemont

WE Day in Illinois, part of a national movement that believes that each of us together can create great and positive change in this world, was held Wednesday at Allstate Arena.

Change starts with youth and WE Day is a massive gathering of young people, world-renowned leaders, speakers and performers who spend all day celebrating and inspiring one another to be the change for the good this world needs.

WCL went to WE Day and talked to one of the most iconic figures in the U.S. Space Program - Buzz Aldrin. He and Neil Armstrong were the first two people to walk on the moon. He has been involved in designing major space innovations and he calls himself "Global Statesman for Space."

For more about WE Day, visit their website: https://www.we.org/

To find out more about Buzz Aldrin, visit his website: https://buzzaldrin.com/ null
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