Man's 'Wife Training' sign drawing attention in small resort town

SAN LEON, Texas -- In the small coastal community of San Leon, life is about water, boats and fishing. It's not just fishing stories where the truth is stretched a bit...

"Most of our news is true."

Steve Hoyland and partner Gator Miller started the Sea Breeze paper more than a decade ago.

"We try to give the facts around here and some extra facts."

One particular headline, plus a road sign, is getting a lot of attention. But is it real?

"In San Leon you never know."

Steve claims he's going to teach women how to be better wives.

"Only talk to him during half-time and commercials. ... I'll say when you bring me a cold drink, get yourself one. ... You want to wash my boat? I'll get a hose for you."

Not everyone is laughing. Steve has gotten messages from around the world.

"They cuss me like a dog, male pig."

In the neighborhood, some women have thoughts of their own on his so-called class -- all in fun.

"I will not let him train me."

"He should visit me. I'll teach him how to be a better husband."

In case you're wondering what makes Steve think he's even qualified to give advice, he assures us he really has a wife, and they've been together for years.
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