May-K My Day: Smile Makeover

Aleta Clark of the Hugs No Slugs Program wrote Val a message about a special young woman named Asia.

Hey there my name is Aleta. There is this lady named Asia that has had a pretty rough life. She was abused for a long time and strung out on drugs. Her abuser knocked her teeth out and it has become a major insecurity for her. She's so ashamed she won't even go try to get a job... I just want to give her a new smile please help...

So we had to help. And who came to the rescue? Another of our 4 Star Chicagoans -- Dr. Ogbonna Bowden. He's a dentist on Chicago's South Side and has a mobile dental unit called "Smiles for Tomorrow" to treat underserved children regardless of their ability to pay.

Dr. Bowden has agreed to give the smile back to Asia. We will be checking back with them in a few weeks to see the results.

Find out more about Dr Bowden at his website: