Girl accidentally smacked in face by soldier after meeting Queen

Queen Elizabeth II accepts flowers in a 2010 file photo. (Shutterstock)

A six-year-old girl had an experience she'll never forget.

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Maisie Gregory was on hand at Millennium Stadium to present the Queen of England with a bouquet of posies. Queen Elizabeth was there to present new colors to The Royal Welsh infantry, which counts a cashmere goat amongst its enlisted soldiers.

The flowers were part of the tradition, according to the BBC, but what followed was not.

Gregory curtsied after presenting the posies then had her hat knocked off her head by a saluting soldier as the Queen passed. She was understandably upset by the inadvertent hit to her face, but her father said that she quickly came around and saw some humor in the situation.

Regimental Sergeant Major Martin Gregory told the BBC, "She was a little bit upset but I let her wear my hat and carry my sword. She was soon cheerful and she's running around now."
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