Social Media Detox

New studies show adults check their smart phones every 6 minutes, and people now crave Wi-Fi more than alcohol, chocolate and even sex! Lifestyle expert Jessica Zweig stopped by to give us tips on how to take a social media detox in the New Year!

Tip 1: Learn a new hobby

- Try a new instrument, reading a book or taking a class. Pursuit Supply Co. in Irving Park is a local shop focused on getting you to unplug and learn a new hobby!

Tip 2: Turn off notifications
- Designate a time to check your social media pages. Suggest The Violet Hour or any trivia night for a phone-free time with friends.

Tip 3: Announce your social media breakup publically
- Let your friends hold you accountable! Pick up the phone and actually CALL to communicate.

Tip 4: Choose only one platform you love

- Use all other social media platforms to direct people to the one you will truly focus on.

Tip 5: Embrace the algorithm
- Be aware that the more you engage, click, like and comment, the more you will see on your feeds.

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