Vietnam Memorial arrives in Oswego

OSWEGO, Ill. (WLS) -- The Moving Wall arrived in west suburban Oswego on Thursday to open arms. It's a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Memorial, travelling the country each year.

On that wall, with more than 58,000 names listed, two stuck out to Herschel Luckinbill. The event organizer and Vietnam veteran points out his two friends, who never made it home from the Vietnam War.

"There's a lot of people that would never got to Washington to see the wall," said Paul Chen.

Paul Chen and his wife Kim drove The Moving Wall 28,000 miles last year to give such communities a chance to pay their respects.

It's a half-scale replica, but the impact cannot be measured.

"When I had it in Aurora and when I had it here in Oswego it's like getting to spend five days with those two," said Luckinbill.

He organized the event to honor his friends and he's given other Vietnam veterans, like Jim Namowicz, the same opportunity.

"I'm glad to see people come out to see the sacrifice," Namowicz said.

Oswego went further, putting up more than 2,000 American flags in a "Healing Field." Many are dedicated to fallen heroes- some that passersby recognize.

"Kind of gives you that chills feeling, really hits your heart," said Susan McMahon after seeing a name she knew.

Event co-chair Dave Krahn says this larger memorial is a thank you for all veterans and a way for younger generations to learn.

"Nobody understands what 58,315 names on a wall looks like. And none of those men and women came home," he said.

The Moving Wall will be in Oswego until Monday evening.
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