Soon-to-be new dad shot defending pregnant wife from robber

HOUSTON, Texas -- Family members of a man shot while protecting his wife from a robber in north Houston said the couple is expecting a child soon.

The family told ABC13 the soon-to-be new dad is in critical condition after being shot in the chest. The man's wife, who is 37 weeks pregnant, was not seriously hurt during the ordeal, but she was experiencing false contractions, according to the family.

Harris County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened just before midnight Sunday at the City Station Apartments just off Cypress Station Drive.
The family said the woman was getting something from her vehicle when she was approached by a stranger who asked for her cell phone. After handing over the device, she was assaulted, according to the family.

Deputies said the husband stepped out of his apartment and encountered the robber, who then shot him. The robber fled the area.

Family said the wife played dead and the wounded man crawled back to their apartment.

The victim was then able to drive himself to Northwest Medical Center, where authorities say he underwent surgery. The wife was also taken to the hospital by ambulance out of concern for the baby.

Family members said the couple held their baby shower just the day before.
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