Adam Eaton says he has only undamaged uniform from Chris Sale's tirade ESPN logo
Tuesday, December 13, 2016

WhenChris Saletook out his frustration on the 1976 throwbacks that theChicago White Soxwere planning on wearing last season, there was at least one uniform his scissors didn't get to.

In a recent interview with CSN's White Sox Talk podcast, former White Sox outfielderAdam Eatonrevealed that he believes he was the only Chicago player to preserve his jersey during the tirade.

"I think I may have the only one that didn't get cut up. Secretly, I yanked mine down when [Sale] wasn't looking," said Eaton, before adding that he couldn't be sure about the state of the coaches' uniforms.

Eaton, who was traded to Washington a day after Sale got dealt to the Red Sox, says he hopes to get the undamaged uniform signed by Sale the next time he's in Boston.