Cubs selling 2,016 leaves from Wrigley Field ivy at $200 apiece

ByDarren Rovell ESPN logo
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Following their first World Series title in 108 years, the Chicago Cubs shattered championship merchandise records and sold a record amount of rings to their fans. But just in case fans need another thing to buy, the Cubs have one more: the ivy.

The team emailed premier clients and season-ticket holders on Tuesday with an offer to purchase the ivy leaves that covered Wrigley Field's outfield walls during the 2016 season. Although the foliage is typically discarded when the ivy turns red and sheds its leaves in November, the team, after the historic 2016 season, instead chose to collect the leaves for the first time and have each authenticated with a hologram.

Each leaf costs $200 plus $15 shipping. The Cubs note that a fan can order up to 10 leaves and that the total leaves collected by the team number 2,016.

The ivy has been part of Wrigley Field since 1937, when then-owner William Wrigley installed it to the beautify the stadium.

The ivy has long been coveted by fans. When Wrigley had ivy on the outside of the stadium it often was stolen. In 2013, two Philadelphia Phillies fans broke into Wrigley Field in the early morning hours in an attempt to pilfer some ivy. The two were caught and charged with trespassing. Charges were eventually dropped when the two agreed to delete cell phone pictures of their unauthorized tour and were banned from Wrigley for a year.

It's not the only championship memorabilia ingenuity out of Chicago in recent years. When the Blackhawks won in 2013, the team sold vials of its melted home ice for $99 each.