Dispute over Ernie Banks estate continues

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Efforts to avert more legal action between the estranged wife and caretaker for the late Ernie Banks failed Friday as both sides failed to agree on a settlement.

Currently, the estate's executor is Banks' long-time friend/caretaker Regina Rice, as outlined in his will. However, wife Elizabeth Banks has disputed this.

Attorneys agreed to meet in court Friday to discuss a settlement. None was reached.

Banks and her attorneys left without comment.

"Liz Banks is completely irrational and unwilling to engage in meaningful settlement discussions and we're looking forward to our day in court," said Francis Citera, an attorney for Rice.

The Chicago Cubs legend and Hall of Famer died in January. His will was signed three months prior.

After the funeral for the beloved Mister Cub, his family began questioning his mental state when the Will was signed.

But the will was recognized legally despite concerns by the family.

On Friday, Rice's attorney said they offered to share in proceeds of marketing Banks likeness, but that Banks' wife rejected the offer.

"We put forth a very reasonable way to retain the dignity of Ernie, of his life and legacy, and it was turned down," said Linda Chatman, a Rice attorney.

"We will have a parade of witnesses that will testify that Ernie was in terrific health and had mental capacity," Citera said.

Both sides are scheduled to be back in court Nov. 4. null
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