Glenview class rallies around the Cubs

GLENVIEW, Ill. (WLS) -- Katie Dahmer reps the cubs from head to toe, and just for kicks she brought that enthusiasm with her to Europe over the summer.

At each stop, Dahmer took a photo flying the W.

"Northern Ireland, it went to Munich, it was in Austria," said Dahmer, adding that there were stops in London and Amsterdam too.

Twitter loved her collage--more than 1,000 times.

Cubs fans will smile even wider knowing that Dahmer became an unofficial ambassador for the North Siders everywhere she waved that flag.

"So many people asked, what does that W mean, what is the white with the blue on's a symbol of a team coming together, working together and having something to show at the end," Dahmer explained.

As a teacher at Glen Grove Elementary School in Glenview, Dahmer knows a good lesson opportunity when she sees one.

So she decked out her classroom with extra Cubbies gear during last year's World Series run.

"It became something that we were able to bond over," she said.

And with October baseball back, the displays returned too.

Walking down the halls of Glen Grove, it's not hard to figure out which classroom belongs to Ms. Dahmer.

There's replica outfield ivy on her door-- and of course plenty of W's hanging from above.

Seemingly for every book and crayon there's a Cubs pennant or Wrigley Field sign.

"This became a natural way for us to help students build on some of those team building skills and learning to see something from somebody else's point of view... you might be a sox fan, or a tigers fan or a Yankees fan, but we can still enjoy this experience together regardless of what type of fan you are," Dahmer said.

She has plenty of bona fide Cubs fans in class to be sure.

But on Tuesday, all of Ms. Dahmer's fifth graders created their own twists on the iconic flag eager to "Fly the W" and sing "Go Cubs Go" tomorrow night!
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