Global axe throwing showdown comes to Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Over the last year, axe throwing has made its mark in Chicago.

At Bad Axe Throwing, people hurl blades toward a wooden bullseye for a bunch of reasons.

For business and bachelor parties.

"We even had a divorce party, where people were able to get a lot of stress out," said Bad Axe Throwing's Collin Patterson.

People have been wielding axes for fun in Canada, Ireland and Brazil in recent years too.

But this fall, the international axe throwing community comes together.

Establishing the World Axe Throwing League, many throwing centers will use uniform rules for competition.

"...You're going to be able to track your progress against all of those axe thrower," added Patterson.

Come December, the world's best will face off for a prize of $3,500 and global bragging rights.

It goes down right here in Chicago, at Bad Axe Throwing in the West Loop.

Leagues start on October 9 and 10, so there's still time to see if you have what it takes to whiz by the competition.
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