How do Bears fans feel about NFL draft pick Mitchell Trubisky?

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Chicago Bears selection of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky as the second pick in the NFL draft got mixed reaction from Bears fans on Friday.

One man says the Bears bet the farm on a not very experienced player, but other fans are excited for new blood being infused into the team to get them winning again.

The Chicago Bears have put all their hopes and dreams in a 22-year-old quarterback from the University of North Carolina who only started in 13 games his entire college career.

Fans called into ESPN 1000 on Friday morning were not too happy with the choice.

"As of last night I have officially renounced my allegiance to the Chicago Bears. I'm giving away all my Chicago Bears gear," said a caller named "BB" from Phoenix, Arizona.

"I'd say about 85 percent of the callers don't like this move. The other 15 percent are like me. We are ride or die with Ryan pace as our GM. If he's saying this is our guy? Let's go. Bring it on," said David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 host.

That was the kind of enthusiasm most of the fans at the Palace Grill had on Friday afternoon.

"I feel fantastic. I feel like we need a fresh start. Anyone is better than Jay Cutler in my opinion," said Bears fan Kate Levin.

"If he has the skill set and he gels with the team, he can do it," said Bears fan Randy Hurt.

Dean Tuxford, a lifelong Bears fan, was cautiously optimistic. While he hopes Trubisky is the future leader of the franchise, the young quarterback has also yet to take a single snap in the NFL.

"I'm just hoping he turns out to be something good; as long as they don't start him too soon. Because he has no experience, really," said Tuxford.

Another fan said he was reserving judgement until the pre-season.
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