How to hawk beer at Wrigley Field

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Before the fans file into Wrigley Field and before the Cubbies step up to the plate, there's a serenity within the Friendly Confines. The green seats remain empty as batting practice goes on, the late afternoon sun falling across the outfield ivy.

But vendor Val Capone is already working hard.

"It's the best job I've ever had," she says of selling beer to the masses from a cart at Wrigley Field.

"It can be really exhausting. The hours can feel a little long when you're out in the sun all day. But it's just the magic of Wrigley field that makes every day worth coming to work. It doesn't even feel like work," Capone added.

But it's definitely a workout for the vendors hawking in the stands. Imagine hollering to the crowd with 24--sometimes as many as 48 beers, plus ice, around your neck.

"That's about 30 pounds of weigh right in front of you going up and down all these stairs all day long," Capone pointed out.

The vendors don't drag their feet either. It's as if there's a beer-vending ballet as a swarm of baby blue shirts zip through the stands.

When one vendor dashes away, another appears, ready for a single pour-- or a double. Eventually a pilgrimage to the commissary for a whole new case of beer to hawk.

Capone says its a mental exercise too.

"You definitely have to be quick at math... I can do beer vending math in my sleep," she says with a smile.

That skill is essential in a commission business where time is money.

"The more you hustle, the more you make," she added.

This veteran vendor of 12 years has her priceless moments too. She grew up half a block from Wrigley Field, shared game four of last year's World Series with her dad, and has season tickets-despite the fact she's working the games.

"we get to be a part of history every single day that we're here," said Capone.

Let's not forget she helps the fans have a great time too.
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