Lombard teen surprised with Jeep giveaway

LOMBARD, Ill. (WLS) -- Faith Davies volunteers simply because she knows it can make someone's life better.

It's a great feeling knowing "that you've done something for someone," she said.

But Friday, she was the one receiving gifts in recognition for her constant community service.

As the incoming freshman class gathered in the school's field-house, Buddy's Helpers recognized Davies and teammates for their volunteer work.

Buddy's Helpers, a Chicagoland nonprofit, encourages high school student athletes to make "a difference on and off the field."

Davies thought she was just getting concert tickets with her friends.

But then organizers asked her to stay in front of the crowd; Davies looked puzzled.

Suddenly, the crowd was told to rush to the front. As dozens of students surrounded Davies, she turned to see firefighters escort a brand new Jeep--her Jeep--into the field-house.

Tears streamed down her eyes and those of family members.

"It makes you really proud as parents, makes you a little bit emotional," said her mom Lucretia Davies.

Buddy's Helpers selected Davies from a pool of more than 100 Chicagoland entrants for her significant contributions to community service.

"Faith works so hard in the classroom, on the sports field and then dedicates numerous hours every single week to all these different organizations," said coach Kent Overbey, calling her matchless.

That one-two punch won't end after high school. Davies just committed to be a goalkeeper at UIC next year and hopes to be a veterinarian one day.

This Jeep is a well earned gift, a symbol of her commitment to service, and encouragement for the next crop of student athletes to make a difference in everything they do.
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