Ohio factory makes every Super Bowl football by hand

One thing's for sure when Super Bowl LII kicks off in Atlanta.

The kickball will have been made by an employee of the Wilson Sporting Good's store in Ada, Ohio.

In fact, all of the 216 footballs to be used during Sunday's big game were made by hand at the plant.

Each ball is cut, stamped, sewn, turned laced, inflated, molded and quality checked before being shipped off, reports WTOL .

It's a lot of hard work, but employees say they take pride in their job.

"I kind of wonder if that's one of the ones I've sewn," employee Sandy Sibert said. "It's kind of humbling," she said.

Every last super bowl game ball has been manufactured in Ada since 1941.

The roughly 80 employees work to make every NFL game ball, as well as the balls you buy in the store.

"To see a game ball on the field just makes you so proud. The passion that we use here. Just everything that goes into it, and I know that we built that football," said plant manager Andy Wentling.
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