Over/under MLB win totals to be settled

With one week left in the baseball season, there are still six teams whose 2019 win totals have yet to be decided. Among them include teams vying for playoff spots in the Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets and Washington Nationals. The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox won't make the postseason but how they finish will determine who cashes their March over/under bets.

Let's take a look at the six teams as well as those that have been decided.

Totals courtesy of Caesars Sportsbook.

Totals still in doubt

(in order of wins needed)

Milwaukee Brewers (86-70, one win from total of 86.5): The Brewers currently sit four games up in the wild-card race, but percentage points behind the Nationals for home-field advantage in the playoffs. It seems a safe bet they win at least one more game to hit the over.

Schedule: 3 at Reds, 3 at Rockies

Washington Nationals (86-69, three wins from total of 88.5): As noted above, the Nationals and Brewers are deadlocked for the wild-card spots. The Nationals need to go 3-4 over the final seven games (all at home) to hit the over.

Schedule: 4 vs. Phillies, 3 vs. Indians

Chicago White Sox (68-87, five wins from total of 72.5): The White Sox's offseason is near, but they can make over bettors happy with a strong finish. Chicago needs to go 5-2 over the final seven games (all at home) to hit the over. They do finish with a four-game set with the Tigers.

Schedule: 3 vs. Indians, 4 vs. Tigers

New York Mets (81-76, five wins from total of 85.5): Three games vs. the Marlins and three vs. an already-clinched Braves leaves hope for the Mets to hit their total, even as their wild-card hopes fade away.

Schedule:3 vs. Marlins, 3 vs. Braves

Cincinnati Reds (73-83, six wins from total of 78.5): The Reds are playing out the string and would need to go 6-0 to end the season to hit the over. Under backers can't count their money yet, but it's one loss away.

Schedule: 3 vs. Brewers, 3 at Pirates

Chicago Cubs (82-74, six games from pushing total of 88): The Cubs can't hit the over, but if they go 6-0, everyone gets their money back with the push. That would not be good news for those on the under, who were helped by the four-game sweep at the hands of the Cardinals over the weekend.

Schedule: 3 at Pirates, at 3 at Cardinals

Teams to hit the over

Houston Astros (97)

Atlanta Braves (86)

St. Louis Cardinals (87.5)

Arizona Diamondbacks (76)

Los Angeles Dodgers (93)

San Francisco Giants (74.5)

Cleveland Indians (91)

Texas Rangers (71)

Tampa Bay Rays (84)

Minnesota Twins (84)

New York Yankees (97.5)

Oakland A's (83)

Teams to hit the under

Los Angeles Angels (83)

Toronto Blue Jays (74)

Miami Marlins (63.5)

Baltimore Orioles (58)

San Diego Padres (78)

Philadelphia Phillies (88.5)

Pittsburgh Pirates (78)

Boston Red Sox (94)

Colorado Rockies (85.5)

Kansas City Royals (69.5)

Detroit Tigers (68)

Seattle Mariners (71)
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