Runners take on Chicago Half-Marathon in record heat

CHICAGO (WLS) -- About 12,000 runners ran the Chicago Half Marathon Sunday in record-setting heat on the South Side.

Organizers supplied extra water, ice and misters to keep runners safe as temperatures inched toward the 90s. As runners crossed the finish line, they were handed an ice-cold towel. Runners and spectators were reminded to stay hydrated.

"We were asking runners to slow down, we've added extra water, extra ice. We had popsicles at the finish line so people can get their core body temperature down. We have misting station at all of our aids out on the course," said Dan Lakin, a half marathon organizer.

Runners started their 13.1 miles at Jackson Park and run through Hyde Park and the University of Chicago campus along South Lake Shore Drive. The finish line was near the Golden Statue of the Republic in Jackson Park.

"It was definitely on the hotter end," said Courtney Peterson, who was the first woman to cross the finish line. "I've run a marathon that was hotter than this but so I have had some experience running in the heat but it definitely slows you down a lot."

Runners ranged in age from seven to 91 years old and hailed from all 50 states and 41 countries. The youngest runner was 12-year-old Lindsey Bruns.

"It was pretty hot but I used lots of ice and drank lots of water and I was OK," she said.

The Chicago Half-Marathon raises money for several charity partners. This year hurricane relief organizations have been added to the list of partners.

Organizers said they raised about $300,000 for the charities.
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