'The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse' author celebrates the big win

CHICAGO (WLS) -- North Shore native Rich Cohen's new book is called "The Chicago Cubs: Story of a Curse" and the team and fans alike finally got something to celebrate when the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

The party hasn't stopped for many of the players or the faithful following and neither has the happy dance!

"Dancing and celebrating was so long gone from Wrigley Field, that it's almost like we're gonna start a completely new tradition, that it's going to be completely different from what it was," said Cohen. "This idea that you can actually be having fun and winning games, it's kind of new."

"You feel sorry for Ryne Sandberg, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, all the guys who were great, great as anybody on the team now, so much of what happens to you is just the luck of when and where you're born," he said.

"They seem to like each other, they seem like they're having fun, which makes them really fun to watch in a way that it hasn't always been at Wrigley Field," said Cohen. "I do think that's part of it, like a big party."

David Ross stumbled during a key World Series moment and now he's just as well known for nearly winning on "Dancing with the Stars."

It's Joe Maddon's world - and fans and his team are thrilled to just live in it!

"I always think he's like a young father with young kids, that's what he seems like to me," said Cohen. "To have a guy that seems like he's sometimes in a beer league is very fun to watch."

"One of the whole things about Wrigley Field was if you were in the bullpen there was a chance you could get hit by a line drive in the back of the head, so maybe they're just dancing because there's no chance they're gonna get beaned," he said.
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