What is the meaning of Eamus Catuli sign hanging outside Wrigley Field?

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They are simple signs hanging outside Wrigley and they've been there for decades. (WLS)

They are simple signs hanging outside Wrigley and they've been there for decades, but even some of the most die-hard Cubs fan don't know what they mean.

Since the arrival of the big board in right field, they're harder to see, but they're still there on a rooftop neighbor: Eamus Catuli, and AC with a bunch of numbers.

OK. It's Latin. Loosely translated, Eamus Catuli means, "Let's go little whelps, so little whelps being the best translation for Cubs," said Marc Anguiano of the Lakeview Baseball Club.

So, Mary from North Carolina, Eamus Catuli means let's go Cubs

"Holy Cow I wonder who stayed up all night to think that up," she said.

Holy cow, indeed. The signs have been up there for 20 years. Their originator didn't tell people what they mean. It's Latin. It's a puzzle. Let people figure it out.

It took a year for someone to figure out Eamus Catuli and another season for someone else to sort out AC and the numbers which today are 00, 71, 108. AC for Anno Catuli: the year of the Cubs.

But AJ DeRosa works it, and gets it. Double zero is years since winning the division. 71 is the number of years since last winning the pennant. And 108...well you know.

"It's gonna be division, pennant and World Series," said Cubs fan Jenny Platt.

And if the Cubs win it all, the sign will be all zeros.

"But I'm here to bless the Cubs today for a win and offense...Eamus Catuli!" said Cubs fan Richard Negro.

There you go Latin scholars. Eamus Catuli.
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