Spring woman gets her Siberian husky back

Sunday, January 4, 2015
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Koda was finally returned to its owner following a fight with HSPCA to get it back

SPRING, Tex. -- We have an update on the fight over a Spring woman's beloved pet. Lisa Landes is reunited with her Siberian Husky Koda after trying for weeks to get him back.

Landes tells Eyewitness News a man with the HSPCA delivered Koda to her home around 11am Saturday. Landes says she signed paperwork to get Koda back.

People from across the country encouraged Landes to not give up. She even hired a pet attorney who told us today the HSPCA had no legal authority to impound Koda, something she said happens more often that you may think.

She said in this case the HSPCA violated a city ordinance.

"Non-profit shelters do not have the legal authority to impound. As a matter of fact, in the city of Houston, it's a crime to impound animals, unless the finder of the animal takes it to bark. That's not enforced," said Landes' attorney Zandra Anderson

"If there is anything that's going on that is illegal, then the public needs to know about it. The public needs to be aware and be protected," said Landes.

Koda's return comes after Landes hired an attorney Thursday.

Landes says Koda is very excited to be home. Landes plans on taking Koda to a vet to get him checked out.

Stacy Fox, Houston SPCA spokesperson, confirms the dog is back with Landes. She released this statement to Eyewitness News:

We first told you about Koda on Monday. The pup got loose, was found, then taken to the Houston SPCA and adopted by a new family.

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