Potential break in case of woman killed outside Bronzeville Starbucks

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There is a potential break in the case of a deadly shooting outside of a Bronzeville Starbucks. A source tells ABC7 that investigators now know who pulled the trigger that killed Yvonne Nelson.

Nelson was killed a week ago Friday as she walked out of the coffee shop near 35th and State Street. She was an innocent victim of gang gunfire, police said.

Strangers united by Nelson's murder prayed together one week after her death. Called "Rudy" by her friends, Nelson was a city employee who worked as a 311 operator.

On Friday night, police confirmed a break in the case is coming.

"That investigation is moving forward and I think we'll have something in the coming days," Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said.

Word has traveled to Nelson's friends, who incredibly, have compassion for her killer.

"He is a victim as well. It's a sad situation that Rudy was taken away from us, but everyone is a victim here," said Jacquenette Turner.

"Maybe his life will be turned around. And we won't hold no grudges. We'll pray for him and his family," said Veverly Coleman.

"This young man came from our community. He made a terrible mistake. That means that our community has made a mistake," said Phillip Jackson, Black Star Project.

Beneath the veil of violence, these community leaders are making a difference and they have a message.

"Men, I'm talking to the men out there. Stand up. When men stand up, little boys sit down. We have to do a block-by-block effort. Talk to the people on your block, in your neighborhood," said Darryl Smith, Englewood Political Task Force.

Nelson's wake was Friday. She will be laid to rest this weekend.
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