Quick Tip: Are food delivery drivers stealing holiday packages?

Could your food delivery driver be targeting holiday packages waiting for you on your doorsteps?

There are some things you should know before you order food from an app.

In a recent incident, a food delivery driver was allegedly using a passenger to steal packages so customers would not think it was him.

When ordering food you should make sure that that person who is coming to your home is the person listed on the app. Most of the food apps will have some kind of license plate number or the make the model of the car. They will also have a picture of the food delivery driver so you could make sure it is the same person. Then you can track that person if anything goes wrong or if packages are missing

Overall, consumers can protect their packages what you can do is check in with UPS, FedEx and Amazon. Many times, there are pick up locations where those packages can be delivered so they're not at your doorstep and then they're not at risk. Sometimes you can even go pick up packages directly at the post office
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