Stressed Cubs fans normal, psychologist says

ByLaura Thoren via WLS logo
Wednesday, October 21, 2015
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Stephen Schueller, Northwestern University clinical psychologist, said it?s normal for fans to be feeling extra stressed before Game 4.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Are the ups and downs of the Chicago Cubs creating stress for fans?

Stephen Schueller, a clinical psychologist with Northwestern University, said the team's long history of curses and failures can start to weigh down on fans.

"I think, when you get to this point, expectations start to rise and it's impacting the way people are feeling about this game," Schueller said.

He said it's normal for Cubs fans to be feeling extra stressed before Game 4. In fact, anxiety and disappointment are also normal emotions.

Schueller adds that superstitions, about the Billy goat curse and wearing the same socks on game day, are normal coping mechanisms.

"People come up with curses and superstitions to explain things they don't have control over," he said.