Who is 'Steve from Virginia' the Trump Tower climber?

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Thursday, August 11, 2016
Alex Cannon | @actuallycannon /Twitter

NEW YORK -- The man known so far as "Steve from Virginia" led police on a cat and mouse chase up the side of Trump Tower in Midtown Wednesday afternoon and into the evening.

It appears that "Steve" posted a video online possibly outlining his plan and intentions.

Check it out here:

The video, posted to YouTube Tuesday afternoon, shows a man that looks like the climber talking about why he planned to climb Trump Tower.

While ABC News has not confirmed that the man in the video is the climber, a high ranking police source tells us there is "no reason to believe it's not him."

Police say the 20-year-old man arrived in New York Tuesday and spent the night in a hotel. He was carrying multiple forms of ID, with several names.

Though detectives determined pretty quickly he was truly a threat to only himself, and of course the officers, who had to rescue him off the building.

"At no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody, his sole intention was to meet with Mr. Trump," said Asst. Chief William Aubry, NYPD Detective Bureau.

What isn't clear is what he wanted to tell Trump, though he's definitely a fan and encouraged people to "get out and vote for Mr. Trump in the 2016 election."

Donald Trump tweeted about the incident late Wednesday night:

Police tell ABC News that the video is being investigated.