Caught on camera: Car goes 198 mph on North Carolina highway

WAKE COUNTY, North Carolina -- A viral street racing stunt landed a North Carolina man in trouble. New video shows him going 198 miles per hour.

"We're 198, boys and girls. True Hellcat and it still run good," the driver can be heard saying on the video.

It looks like a scene from one of the Fast and Furious movies. That's 22-year-old William Jefferson behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger.

Authorities say Jefferson was driving faster than 100 mph in a 40 mph zone.

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Video of a high-speed chase on the East Freeway

"It's one reason why I don't want my kids on the roads late at night," said Maryanne McAdams, a mother who lives in the area. "I don't have a driver yet -- we're about a year away -- but it's that kind of stuff that makes me really nervous."

This video was posted on YouTube. Then someone sent the video to North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

"I don't think that road is particularly dangerous but anybody going 198 mph and it's going to be particularly dangerous," McAdams said. "It's really a miracle that nobody was hurt or killed in that."

Now Jefferson is facing charges of street racing and reckless driving.