3 teens charged in thwarted Streeterville carjacking; aftermath caught on tape

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A would-be carjacker was stopped in his tracks by the man he was trying to steal from.

Police said three teens are in custody Saturday. The teens ages 17, 15, and 14 are charged with the attempted carjacking, possession of a stolen car and attempted aggravated battery.

The carjacking takedown happened in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood Friday night around 7 p.m.

Ricky Fobbs stopped the would-be carjacker.

Fobbs and his girlfriend, Sherry Randle, were checking into the DoubleTree Hotel at East Ohio Street and North Fairbanks Court.

Fobbs, a 54-year-old retired cop, said it was as he left his car running while he unloaded luggage that the unexpected happened.

"The guy came up from behind and jumped in the car. I turned around. I see him jumping in the car pulling the car off. I chased him down the street, jumped in through the passenger side and then put him in a hold and held him until everybody got here," said Fobbs.

Just when everyone thought the danger was over, a stolen vehicle driven by the carjacker's accomplices tried to run over Fobbs as he kept his teenaged attacker pinned to the ground.

Some said as many as 20 people flooded into the intersection, including a man in a motorized wheelchair, to keep Fobbs safe.

"I'm pretty sure without them being here to help and keep the other car from trying to back back over me to help their friend get away. It could've probably been worse than it was," said Fobbs.

"Really thankful that people care to stop and help," said victim Sherry Randle. 'Yeah I am kinda shaken up about it. It angers me. But I'm just glad everybody's OK."

As police led the teen away in handcuffs he seemed to threaten others, warning people not to stay at that hotel.
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