Illinois substitute teacher saves student choking on corndog: VIDEO

MOUNT VERNON, Ill. -- A substitute teacher is receiving praise after she saved a choking student's life.

The teacher's quick action, as well as the other students' reactions, were all caught on camera.

This silent surveillance video captures a normal lunchtime for students at Davie School in Anna, Illinois. But if you look closer, one student appears to be in trouble.

"I pick up my corndog to eat and halfway through, I take a little bit too big of a bite and then I start to choke," said Ryan Buckner, a 5th-grade student.

The 10-year-old said it's a day he will never forget, as he recalls that dramatic moment.

"I couldn't think straight and I was scared," he said.

Sadie Carwyle was substitute teaching that day when she noticed something was wrong.

"He looked at me. He had his hands like this, I automatically ran over there. I turn him around and I started doing the abdominal thrust," Carwyle recalled.

It took Carwyle about eight times before the food came out, WSIL reported.

"I turn him around to see if he was responsive, and the color came back into his face and he started talking, and I knew that everything was fine," she said.

Carwyle was trained how to perform the abdominal thrust, also known as the Heimlich maneuver, from a CNA course.

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But in that moment, she said she remembered her parents.

"Having my mom as a nurse and having my stepdad as an EMP and a cop, I just grew up knowing just taking action is the best thing to do -- so I guess the adrenaline, having them as my parents, I just knew how to do it right then and there," Carwyle said.

The pair were emotional after the incident, shedding a few tears.

Buckner said when he told his mom, she also got a little teary-eyed.

'She said, 'Oh my gosh! You're still alive,'" he recalled.

"It's a day that I most definitely will not forget being here and I will live with it forever," Carwyle said.

You may not be able to hear it, but you can feel the gratitude in the room, as Carwyle gets hi-fives and cheers.

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Buckner showed his appreciation with a gift: a willow tree with a boy holding a heart.

"Because she saved my life," he said.

He also said he learned a big lesson that day.

"Don't eat big bites of corndogs," Buckner suggested.

Carwyle's quick thinking has garnered praise from people throughout the community.