Fried chicken pants top list of 2017 freaky fashions

Strange fashion trends seem to be the craze for 2017. These are some of the weirdest wearables we could find.

Fried chicken pants
The internet continues to debate whether these pants make your legs look like fried chicken drumsticks or carrots, but no one can argue that trendy trousers aren't straight-up strange. You can be a chicken fried fashionista for $89.

Rompers for men took the internet by storm when ACED Design began their Kickstarter campaign for RompHims. The campaign raised over $350,000, so expect to see them around whether you like it or not.

Men's lace shorts

LA-based Hologram City made their mark on the 2017 summer by creating Lace Me Up Shorts. The pastel shorts that are virtually see through have sold out, according to the company's website.

Man's hairy chest swimsuit
It might best to divert your eyes from this weird one-piece bathing suit featuring a photorealistic image of a man's hairy chest. Marketed by the company Beloved Shirts, the bathing suit comes in three different skin tones.

"Shocked Trump" swimsuit
Another weird summer option from Beloved Shirts comes in the form of President Donald Trump's face being featured on a one-piece bathing suit.

Kim Jong Un romper
The U.S. president is not the only leader to be featured in this summer's weird fashion. has a romper featuring the face of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
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