Tips for requesting PTO from work for summer vacation amid pandemic

ByABC7 Chicago Digital Team via WLS logo
Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Summer vacation season is here but this year is a whole lot different.

Some workers are hesitant to take time off with the high number of people still out of work due to the coronavirus.

Jessica Schaeffer from the LaSalle Network, a staffing company in Chicago, joined ABC7 Chicago with some tips.

Schaeffer recommended talking to your HR department about your company's PTO policy. She said don't assume it's the same as it was pre-pandemic because policies could have shifted since.

Be prepared for your manager to say no when requesting time off. Shaeffer says this is a different time than we've been in previously and whether there are big project deadlines coming up or everyone taking off at once, it's not always a yes if you ask.

She also suggested listing out the status of what you're working on and your deadlines when requesting PTO. Does the time off prevent you from hitting a deadline? Be ready to discuss this with your manager and what plan you have to hit deadline.

Another tip is to check in with your coworkers who are pitching in on your behalf while you're away.

If you're client-facing, bring a list of what is due to the clients, or what the status of a project is and what your plan is for communicating that to them - and what needs to get done while you're out.

She said even if it's just a day or two off, coming with a plan regardless will impress your manage nonetheless.

Another best practice is to create what your plan or schedule will be for when you're back so you don't have to worry about getting organized when you return. You'll be ready to hit the ground running.

Schaeffer also pointed out that many essential workers and those working from home haven't had a break in four months and may need some time to refresh themselves.

For more advice, watch Schaeffer's interview.