Szechuan sauce returns to McDonald's for 1 day

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Fans of McDonald's Szechuan sauce lined up at several McDonald's locations Saturday for the sauce's one-day comeback.

The sauce dates back to a limited run in 1998 to promote the Disney film, "Mulan."

After appearing in a recent episode of Cartoon Network's show, "Rick and Morty," fans lobbied McDonald's to bring the sauce back.

Saturday, fans lined up at four McDonald's locations in Chicago to get a cup of the sauce.

"Me and my friend here, we've been waiting since about 8 a.m. this morning," said one fan of the sauce. "It's sort of like an inside joke with these people...It's a TV show that comes on and it's really funny and it references the sauce."

The sauce was available at the following Chicago locations:

2400 N. Lincoln Avenue

1951 N. Western Avenue

180 W. Adams Street

5200 S. Lake Park Avenue
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