Director Danny Boyle talks 'T2 Trainspotting'

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle is back with "T2 Trainspotting." It's the sequel to the wildly popular movie that exploded on screens over two decades ago.

Janet Davies talks to the filmmaker about connecting with his unforgettable characters again.

Ewan McGregor's character, Mark, is coming back home after 20 years. His misfit pals in Scotland are battered from self-destruction, addictions, prison and tragedy. But they're ready for his return, though it may be more intense and soul scathing than he'd counted on.

"They've got to come to terms with what they've done and what hasn't happened and what has happened and make peace with themselves as a bunch of people and most noticeably with the women around them, and the families around them, they haven't paid enough attention to," said director Danny Boyle.

Director Danny Boyle and the cast created a film that earned a cult following and critical acclaim in 1996. It's taken this long to catch up with these characters and their complicated lives.

"That film has the kind of vibrancy and energy of a careless, reckless youth really, which is obviously part of its appeal," said Boyle. "How do we negotiate the rapids of people's potential disappointment, because they love the original and if you go back to it, it better be good or they're going to kill you and rightly so! I couldn't think of a bigger challenge than to somehow try and see if you could make a film that could stand beside that first one and the affection people have for the first one."

Obviously this leaves the door open for a third one. I know you hear that a lot!

"You have to be careful what you wish for, this is how we got into this in the first place, we started flirting with journalists about is there going to be another one, yeah, maybe and you end up doing one," said Boyle.
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