Man finds saved game, letter from late father on Apple IIe

NEW YORK -- A professor tried out his old Apple IIe computer, from about 30 years ago, and it still worked.

Not only it did turn on, the computer asked John Pfaff if he wanted to restore a saved a game.

"This is tricky, because three decades later I can't quite remember where I left off this round of Adventureland," Pfaff tweeted.

He posted images and videos of more classic games.

The Fordham Law professor also was able to view a letter typed by his late father on a floppy disc.

"Just found this letter my dad typed to me in 1986, when I was 11 and at summer camp.

I REALLY WONDER what my theory abt the daily newspaper comics Spider-Man was.

My dad passed away almost exactly a year ago. It's amazing to come across something so "ordinary" from him," he tweeted.

His tweets caught the attention of many, including Neuromancer author William Gibson.

"I'm so happy that this thread seems to have brought back so many good memories for so many ppl," he tweeted.

Pfaff found the vintage computer in his parent's attic.

The Apple IIe was originally released in 1983.
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