Quick Tip: Fake tech support scams

The "pop-ups" that want to gain access to your computer and lure you into wiring money. Consumer Investigator Jason Knowles has the I-Team warning.

If a pop-up window appears on your computer screen that looks like a warning from your operating system or antivirus software, think before you react.

It could be a fake lure by a tech-support scammer. Their pop-ups prompt you to give up remote access to your computer and scammers can dig into your files.

Sometimes the scammer contacts you by phone. They'll often ask you to pay them first by wiring money, putting money on a gift card or prepaid card or even use a money transfer app.

But the work doesn't get done.

Security pop-up warnings from real tech-support companies won't ask you to call them or pay first.

If you have trouble with your computer, reach out to a tech support who you know and trust and report any suspicious warnings or calls to your local police and to the Federal Trade Commission.
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