Tech gifts for mom with tech expert Stephanie Duchaine

Tech gifts for mom with tech expert Stephanie Duchaine

Moms love the latest tech gadgets.

Stephanie Duchaine showed us some great gadgets for Mother's Day.

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BirchBox is the gift for mom that keeps on giving. BirchBox is all online -- perfect for the tech lover -- and delivers customized gifts based on your preferences. Everything is done digitally, but mom receives five real life, designer makeup, hair and skin samples every month. Once you create an account, you will digitally choose your preferences and then using a special algorithm (digital calculation), they'll send you CUSTOMIZED deluxe samples each month. We're not talking the one use sample, we're talking a full deluxe sample. It's $10 a month, and you can do one month, three month or 6 month subscriptions. If you do a six-month subscription, get a month free with a promo code on their website,

Michael Todd beauty gadgets are for moms who don't have time for a regular spa day. These are the first of their kind of incorporate anti-microbial technology - allowing you to use them for up to 6 months without having to change the brushes. Perfect for the busy mom who still wants that glowing skin but that doesn't have the time to think about changing brushes every month. They clean 7 times better than hands alone and their brushes give you a real, sonic clean - so many benefits. Cleaner skin, smaller pores, better absorption of lotions and creams.

The Jackery charger ensures mom is never out of touch. It's the Jackery Bolt and the reason that it's different is because it charges faster and it's a bigger battery without being bulky (6000 mAh) 3). You also can't beat the price point. Throw it in your purse to charge anywhere. Cost is about $30.

The Ring video doorbell gives mom some home safety. It's super easy to install. It takes just minutes, and you then have your own personal security system watching over your property. You can get alerts anytime someone rings the doorbell or when someone trips the built in motion sensor. You can see, hear, and even talk back to the person at the door - tell the delivery man they can leave a package, tell an unwanted person to beat it or rest assured that the kids are home safe from school. Cost is $99 and free one day shipping with Amazon Prime. If it ever gets stolen, Ring will replace it, for free.

The Furbo pet camera is for the dog mom. The camera provides a crystal-clear feed to get a look at what's going on in your home. You can record the video feed, or take a photo screen shot. You can also talk to your pet and even throw them treats. It will also notify you if your dog is barking or if it thinks it sees a human. And the best part is it's actually on sale for Mother's Day. Cost is normally $250, but on sale for $174.